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CLI Tool provides its users with a Command Line Interface (CLI) tool, called h3-cli. It is convenient for accessing the Application Programming Interface (API). The API provides programmatic access to a subset of functionality available through the Portal.

The h3-cli tool is available for download from the GitHub. See here for instructions on using h3-cli:

Getting Started

Additional Guides:

  1. Automate NodeZero Deployment - auto-deploy NodeZero to a configured host using a NodeZero Runner
  2. Scheduling from CLI - configure recurring pentests via the CLI
  3. Auto-inject Credentials - automatically inject credentials into a recurring pentest
  4. Monitor Pentests - monitor the status of active pentests
  5. Paginate Results - paginate the results of pentests

Develop Your Own Tools

Alternatively, you may develop your own software tools to interact with the GraphQL API.


  1. h3-cli on GitHub
  2. Portal