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Setup NodeZero Host

NodeZero is our prepackaged software module that functions as an attacker within your network. To run NodeZero against your internal network, a host is needed within the network to act as the breach point

Using the NodeZero OVA

OVA is preferred

We highly recommend using our OVA for NodeZero installation, as it is the preferred method to ensure a seamless setup.

The OVA comes with the h3-cli preloaded and has the n0 update utility to help with keeping the host up to date with the latest changes for the NodeZero host.

To setup your environment for use with the OVA:

  1. Download the OVA
  2. Setup and Configure Host
  3. Deployment Options
  4. Validate NodeZero Host

Creating NodeZero Host from scratch

Follow the steps below to learn more about the NodeZero Host, system requirements, deployment locations, and installation process. Ensure that if you need to build your own host, it meets the necessary specifications.

  1. NodeZero Host Information
    1. Host System Requirements
    2. Connectivity Requirements
    3. Proxy Setup
  2. Docker Installation
  3. Validate NodeZero Host
  4. Deployment Options
  5. (optional) NodeZero CLI

Once you have your NodeZero Host ready, log into a shell on it using your favorite method.