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These pages contain a set of tools and resources that can help you set up and use Horizon3 services.

Validating Checksums

You’ll find that tools distributed here come with a download and a checksum file. The download file is the actual file you’ll use, and the checksum file is a SHA256 checksum used to verify the first download completed correctly and came from

Given the nature of our industry, we encourage anyone downloading files that claim to come from to verify their checksums against the ones posted in this site.

Following are some simple steps to do that.


Most Linux distributions come with a sha256sum command line utility that reads a checksum file, computes the checksum against the file it represents, and returns OK if they match. Just run the command below with both files in the same directory:

sha256sum -c some_h3.utility.sha256.checksum
some_h3.utility: OK


Just like with Linux, MacOS comes with a utility called shasum that works in a similar way. Run the following command with both files in the same directory:

shasum -c some_h3.utility.sha256.checksum
some_h3.utility: OK


Windows Powershell has their own utility, but you have to manually compare the output of the following command with the contents of the checksum file yourself:

get-filehash -algorithm sha256 some_h3.utility