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MacOS Guide

We have identified intermittent issues running NodeZero on macOS Big Sur (11.x) due to a Docker Engine problem within Docker Desktop for Mac. This issue may prevent outbound communication to the Internet from within the Docker container when an operation begins. As an appropriate workaround, we recommend using a virtual machine (e.g., VirtualBox) configured with the necessary specifications to run the operation if you encounter this issue.

Using a desktop hypervisor such as VirtualBox, VMware, or Parallels allows better functionality and more advanced control. This enables choosing the Operating System (OS) to use as a docker host by running a Virtual Machine (VM) within the desired desktop hypervisor of choice. This option requires the installation of the desktop hypervisor, deploying a VM or OVA template, and installing Docker on the deployed VM’s OS.

References for installing desktop hypervisors on macOS:

Once you've installed Docker, you're done! Now validate NodeZero is ready to operate.